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As I travelled the world competing in Scottish Heavy Events competitions, I have been blessed to meet many wonderful people. Some of these people are well known and others may not be, however, all of them are equally respected.

Robin Williams and I in Scotland

2 years later he signed the picture

Clowning around at the Lonach Highland games

Mick Foley and I in Minnesota

Mr. Mac Donald, the school bear and Mr. Green at St. John Brebeuf


Fr. John Corapi and I at a conference

Alistar Gunn, the legend Bill Anderson and myself in California

Natasha and Ariel

Martial Art Insructors from around the world

Molly - the first cloned sheep

Petur Gudmunson from Iceland

Meeting Pope John Paul II in Rome

Ryan Vierra and I receiving Scotch in Kentucky

The pioneers of the Highlands

Don Fraser presenting me the winning cup at the NewZealand Highland games

The Twins.